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OUR STORY We are a Conversational Ai
Partner and this is Our Story.

Bringing True Unsupervised Machine
Learning and Ai to the world

More Than a Product –
The Power of Partnership

We started in Sydney with an idea to improve customer experience through using AI and machine learning. Then we moved to US to be amongst the leading financial service companies, our target market, in the world. Across both countries we have employed the smartest people in the field, have built our own IP and have engaged some of the biggest brands in the world.


Today, we are global and the result of our efforts is a truly operational conversational Ai engine that overcomes the problems of the traditional Ai players not being able to deliver commercial value at an affordable investment.

We partner with our clients to deploy technology that transforms their internal operations and productivity. We believe that partnership is the key to truly realizing the power of Ai to drive transformative change within your organization and deliver exceptional customer experiences.


That’s where we have come from and where we are going is even more exciting.
Ai has massive potential, but CIOs struggle to identify where and how to realize its business value. Maximize business value by pairing business priorities with near-term opportunities, especially those that leverage Ai's power to augment human work, decisions and interactions...
Gartner Report
April 2018
We stand out globally because we’re not a chat vendor; we’re an Ai partner, and we recognize the importance of working closely with enterprises at every step of the journey. Implementing Ai requires partnership to move it away from the laboriously unwieldy approach of traditional players.
Dr. Catriona Wallace
Founder & Executive Director, Flamingo Ai

Unique, Purposeful & Passionate

Let’s talk about the Name
The way we see it, the product must be good if we called ourselves Flamingo and got away with it right? We could tell you about the Flamingo bird and its global migration patterns to draw parallels with our own business model. We could highlight how strikingly tall the Flamingo is and yet still lightweight enough to fly. We could talk about the bird’s unique communication style and how it adapts to the environment around it. But all this would be contrived…and that’s just not us.


The truth is, Flamingo was our beta working title…and it stuck. However, over time, what it has evolved to mean is as authentic to us as any name we could’ve engineered: A refusal to blend in.

We don’t hide behind our technology speak – our technology speaks for itself
We are not your average tech company because we don’t think the world needs another tech company. We think it needs a people company, advocating for better human interactions through Ai. We currently live at the dawn of a 4th Industrial Revolution – The Ai age. For the enterprises that deploy Ai powerfully, there is a competitive edge that awaits. As you seek to unlock the scale and power that Ai can bring to your organization, you don’t need a product; you need a partner. We are that partner with technology expertise and people centric design at our core. Our passion to forge stronger relationships between customers and brands.

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