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WHAT WE OFFERKnowledge Sharing and Collaboration
- at scale.

Flamingo Ai's native Knowledge Sharing Hub helps your employees and organization access compliant knowledge - on demand.

The Flamingo Ai Knowledge Sharing Hub

The Flamingo Ai Knowledge Sharing Hub aggregates your internal knowledge archive to answer a broad range of questions, in natural language, across multiple products, processes and platforms which can be used by employees – 24/7.

How It Works | Staff Level

How It Works | Business Level

Supercharge Staff Capability

Supercharge Staff Productivity & Efficiency
Empower staff to find the most relevant and compliant knowledge within your organization, fast. Have the Knowledge Sharing Hub augment the work employees do so they can be more efficient and effective.
Reduces Knowledge Silos
The Flamingo Ai Knowledge Sharing Hub allows each staff member to leverage internal expert knowledge when they need it, 24/7.
Increases Compliance and Governance
One source of truth for knowledge - only pre-approved, compliant answers and processes are available at the Employee's fingertips.

Your Competitive Edge With Ai.

Flamingo Ai supercharges your organization’s performance by retrieving and providing the right answers at the right time to staff across your enterprise.

  • Every employee becomes an expert & more productive
  • White Box Ai
  • Fully automated or Human assisted modes
  • Configurable & Powerful
  • Real time analytics, insights & intelligence
  • Secure and compliant. All answers are pre-approved & auditable
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