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Flamingo is a Co-Creation & Analytics platform that allows you to interact with your customers as individuals.

Flamingo goes beyond crowd-sourcing and ideation by enabling customers to design the experience they want, beyond product and price, within parameters that the business can deliver.

It is impossible to unlock the value in your customers without your customers being involved in unlocking that value.

It was impossible until now...

Co-creation for
customer acquisition

Apart from being a fabulous looking bird, how can Flamingo help?

How it works

The Flamingo platform interfaces with your existing CRM or customer database and uses information from these systems to invite customers into the Co-creation Lab. There customers can, together with an employee, design the whole of experience they want, beyond product and price.

Once the experience has been co-created by the customer and the employee, Flamingo passes this information back to your CRM, delivery systems, product development, contact centre and any other relevant interfaces.

Customers will pay on average 14% more for the whole of experience created.

Flamingo rests on a six-part customer experience model:

Analytics and Dashboards

Flamingo has a sophisticated real-time dashboard that provides data and information on the existing experiences your customers are having, as well as the experiences they have created. Predictive models of customer experience are generated allowing you to scale experiences designed to other customers.

Who are the Creators in Co-creation?

Co-creation can occur between the following Creators as individuals or as groups:

Co-creation Solutions

Co-creation Solutions

There are various modes of co-creation depending on the problem or goal being addressed. These include:

  1. Employee Experience
  2. Customer Research
  3. Innovation
  4. Customer Acquisition
  5. Customer Retention
  6. Customer Win-back
  7. Co-creation Consulting Services & Physical Co-creation Labs

Employee Experience

Employee Experience Co-creation involves employees and leaders or other internal parties working together in the co-creation lab to create:

  1. Experience profiles for staff
  2. Job roles
  3. Employee products and services
  4. Employee innovation
  5. Employee problem solving

Customer Research

The co-creation lab can be used to interact directly with customers to gather insights, data or research that can be used for:

  1. Customer Experience Design
  2. Customer Innovation
  3. Testing of products, services or experiences
  4. Customer Insights
  5. Competitor Insights


The co-creation lab can be used as a tool to generate, gather and test innovations online with real customers in real time. The Analytics platform will provide excellent insight into the potential success of proposed innovations in a cost effective way.

Customer Acquisition

Co-creation can be used as an effective tool for sales or business development teams. Flamingo enables customers to create, in collaboration with the sales person, the experience they want from the start of the relationship resulting in longer-term, higher value relationships.

Organisations can direct prospective customers to a co-creation portal on their website, or equip sales people in the field with mobile co-creation labs.

Customer Retention

Customers who are likely not to renew a contract, have signalled they may leave, have complained or are disengaged can be invited into the co-creation lab to share their current experience and design the experience they want, potentially overcoming previous difficulties with the experience or relationship.

Retention co-creation typically costs about 50% of traditional retention processes and results in a far better experience for the customer.

Customer Win-back

Customer defection is often the result of dissatisfaction with the experience a customer has had, rather than the product they’ve chosen. When customers are provided the opportunity to co-create the experience they didn’t receive previously, the organisation is more likely to win these customers back.

Co-creation is a meaningful way for them to articulate these often unmentioned needs, and of helping them understand how you’ll be able to offer them the experience they actually want in the future.

Co-creation Consulting Services & Physical Co-creation Labs

Transforming your organisation into one that is focused on customer experience can be a journey and often starts with helping the rest of the organisation understand the benefits. We know that to realise the vision of a world with great customer experiences, we have to help organisations see the benefits of being customer focused.

To help you on this journey, we can organise physical Co-creation labs, training in Co-creation and Human-Centred Design, Design Thinking, and the use of Lean Startup methods for rapid innovation in customer experience.

Give us a call on +61 2 9927 3322, or email us hello@flamingo.io to discuss how we can help you on your journey.


There are several pricing models for the Flamingo Platform:

Affordable, easy to implement customer and employee co-creation modes

Organisations who purchase and use the Flamingo Co-creation software will be able to join a site where other co-creation companies belong and customers who have experienced and want to co-create will be referred to this site

SaaS licence mode

Our Flamboyance, in other words, the team!

Dr Catriona Wallace

Founder and CEO, Flamingo
International CX expert
4 successful businesses
Founder Fifth Quadrant
PHD - Organisational Behaviour
Multi-Award business woman
Luke Carruthers

One of Australia’s most prolific digital entrepreneurs
8 technology companies; 5 successful exits (including Inter-Touch at $100M to NTT DoCoMo)
Founded one of Australia’s first ISPs, Magna Data, in 1993 Engineer, marketer, product guy at the intersection of tech and business
Paul Hunyor

Co-Founder onebigswitch.com & maxsparrow.com, entrepreneur & Angel investor, start-up mentor
Founding CEO of onebigswitch.com. Rapidly grew the business to 500,000 members, multi-million revenue and profitability
Doc Searls

Senior Editor of Linux Journal, a fellow at the Center for Information Technology & Society at UC Santa Barbara
Founder and director of ProjectVRM at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University since 2006
Visiting scholar at the Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute at NYU

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